Data Breach Preparedness: Follow Up

data breachAs discussed earlier this month, the risk of large-scale data breaches will continue to affect businesses of all sizes in 2016.  Such breaches may not only require affected companies to incur a great deal of time and expense, but may also prove damaging to their public image.  The development of effective plans for responding to data breaches is essential to minimizing the damage that can result from such breaches.

Businesses should take the opportunity to implement data breach plans or review existing plans to determine areas for improvement.  Undertaking these efforts now will help companies avoid being overwhelmed by data breaches when they occur.  For more detailed information, please read:  Data Breach Preparation White Paper

Timoney Knox lawyers are prepared to share their expertise in this area in order to assist and facilitate your breach preparation. Please contact us with any questions about preparing your business or the analysis of your insurance coverages.

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