What Should You Look for in an Elder Law Attorney?

An aging U.S. population has brought a myriad of changes to everything from healthcare to the workplace, with many post-retirement age adults continuing or returning to the workforce. And with these changes have come complex problems and questions about day-to-day living, and the future.

Elder law is a growing and increasingly important area of the law that goes far beyond drafting wills and handling estate matters, and it includes the following areas of growing importance:

  • Estate planning
  • Access to healthcare
  • Written caregiver contracts
  • Elder abuse
  • End-of-life wishes
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Long-term care insurance

Attorneys with expertise in elder law must have a wide range of skills and a genuine interest in serving this fast growing segment of the U.S. population.

In short, in response to the growing demographics, elder law has similarly grown in its complexity in recent years to include everything from Medicaid planning to insurance and long-term care. For more information on any aspect of elder law, contact John J. McAneney, Esquire, a partner at Timoney Knox, LLP.

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