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A Primer – Difficult Issues Involving Real Estate in Pennsylvania

(February 22, 2021) This primer is intended to provide easy to understand information to those encountering difficult issues involving real estate in Pennsylvania, including partition,...

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Yes, You Can Get To Closing on that Real Estate Deal!

(March 30, 2020) Maybe you found the house of your dreams, got the mortgage approved, and now are wondering if you will actually get to settlement? Or, you...

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Landowners Who Welcome Recreational Users Get More Protection From Lawsuits

Landowners who own large, undeveloped parcels of land are often approached to let their neighbors or others cross the land on a trail or access it for a cross country...

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Untangling the Web: Dividing Co-Owned Real Estate

Co-owned Real Estate. The co-ownership of real estate can arise in many different ways. Many times, it is with the best intentions that the parties decide to own...

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Is a non-profit trust company automatically entitled to a property tax exemption when...

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Buying or Selling a House? Do I Need a Lawyer?

At this time of year, the real estate market heats up because Buyers are often anxious to find a new home before school starts. Many transactions are handled very competently by local Realtors...

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Being In The Minority – The Broad Evidence Rule

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Governor Wolf Proposes a Tax on Services

In a move called by...

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