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Most Recent Philadelphia Water Main Break is a Potential Headache for Insurers

(July 6, 2018)  A 92-year old water main burst on July 3, 2018, causing millions of gallons of water to spew into a commercial area of Center City between...

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TK’s Bob Horst Quoted in New York Times

(July 2, 2018) 

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Judicial Hellholes? Not Exactly.

Each year the American Tort Reform Foundation publishes its “Judicial Hellhole” report, seeking to enhance awareness of jurisdictions,...

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Property Insurance and the Uniform Condominium Act

What is the Uniform Condominium Act and What Does it Mean for Property Insurance? Property insurance claims involving condominiums require...

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Insurance Coverage Concerns During Hurricane Season

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma (and in anticipation of the remainder of hurricane season) homeowners and businesses will turn to their insurance companies. However, most policies do not...

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Class Actions: The State Court Action Is Alive & Well

State court class actions remain a viable vehicle in Pennsylvania.  But, they still take a backseat to the federal case.  Let’s consider the...

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Homeowners Policies Do Not Cover Floods

Do Homeowner Insurance Policies Cover Flood Damage? Our team was recently getting ready for trial.  Part of the process included preparing...

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Pennsylvania Court Takes Measure of Depreciation in Homeowners’ Claims

Depreciation remains legal in the Keystone State (as it should be).  A recent opinion from our Superior Court – Pennsylvania’s intermediate appellate court – reinforced this simple topic, but...

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Arbitration Is Not Always Mandatory

Boilerplate arbitration provisions do not always bind litigants to private arbitration.  Our firm is currently disputing a big-box home...

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Are Coverage Opinions Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege?

We’ve recently read some commentators and bloggers stating that coverage opinions are not protected by the attorney-client privilege.  Here are...

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