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The Approaching Storm: Business Income Losses, Catastrophe Claims, and the Post-COVID Economy

July 10,...

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Insurance Coverage Litigation in Bankruptcy Court

As a result of the adverse economic impacts caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, it is likely that a corresponding increase in bankruptcy filings will follow.  If you’re an...

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Reasonable Reliance on Experts Is a Successful Defense to Bad Faith Litigation

In order to prevail on a statutory bad faith claim in Pennsylvania, a policyholder must prove by clear and convincing evidence that 1) the insurer did not have a...

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Understanding the Role of the Public Adjuster under Pennsylvania Law

The role of public adjusters is clearly set forth under Pennsylvania Law. Public adjusters advise and assist the policyholder with their insurance claim.  See...

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Coronavirus & Property Insurance – White Paper

Our Insurance Industry Group has prepared a white paper entitled “COVID19 and Commercial Property Insurance: Coverage Considerations.”We are pleased to share...

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What is an “Intentional” Loss?

Property insurers occasionally grapple with intentional losses.  Theft. Embezzlement. Set fires.  Vandalism.  Pipes frozen on purpose. What happens when a man...

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The Fifth Amendment and the Duty to Cooperate

(February 14, 2020)  The right against self-incrimination extends beyond criminal proceedings.  However, it is important to understand how the assertion of...

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Can a Foul Odor be Considered ‘Property Damage’ under your Insurance Policy?

(January 31, 2020)   The current trend in state and federal courts suggests that pervasive odors can be considered property damage, but the issue is not...

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Understanding Condominium Insurance

Adjusting and resolving condo losses can be challenging. One loss may involve the exterior of the building, multiple condominium units, and common areas. That means...

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“Silent Cyber” Threat to Insurers & Policyholders Alike

A problematic situation has arisen in property coverage: Silent Cyber.  Imagine a policyholder (whether it be a business or homeowner) suffers a cyber-loss (accidental...

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