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Pa Legislators Propose Shale Gas Drilling Tax

A bipartisan group of four Pennsylvania legislators has floated a 4.9 percent severance tax on natural gas drilling – a move the lawmakers say would replace impact fees so that more of the...

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Mistakes to Avoid When Incorporating

With all the information and resources available on the internet, it’s never been easier to incorporate your business.  But, with the dizzying array of resources at our fingertips, it is critical...

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Time to Take Advantage of Just-Out 2014 Estate, Gift and GST Tax Exemptions

The IRS’s recent release of 2014 inflation-adjusted estate tax, gift tax and generation-skipping transfer tax exemptions signal a perfect time to put a yearly gifting program into place....

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New High Income Child Support Guidelines Passed in PA

A new formula for deciding child support for high-income parents has taken effect in Pennsylvania. In the past, high-income cases were decided based on the “reasonable needs” of the children...

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Year-End Tax Tips for Businesses

For business owners the close of another year means it’s a great time to tackle some year-end to-dos that will help with taxes come April 15. Below we have compiled some tips to check off your...

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For 2014, IRS Raises Lifetime Tax-Free Gift Limit, Not Yearly Limit

Families weighing the tax implications of monetary gifts should be aware that the yearly limit on how much a person can give to another person without paying a gift tax or raising a portion of that...

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New Tax Break for Family Business Transfers

Pennsylvania’s new inheritance tax exemption for family businesses offers sizeable tax breaks – between 4.5 percent to 15 percent of the total value of a business – that can mean the difference...

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Holiday Survival Tips for Divorced or Divorcing Parents

Navigating the holidays – the perennial struggle to balance the demands of in-laws, children, travel and extended family – can challenge the happiest of families. But for divorced or divorcing...

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3 Reasons You Need an Estate Plan Now (Even if You Are Not Wealthy)

Estate planning may seem to some like a lofty concept, and a need only reserved for the wealthy—people who actually have an “estate.” But estate planning really is so much more than deciding...

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How to Have a Successful Divorce

How Do I get Through a Divorce? Marriage is more challenging than ever before. In this day and age both spouses usually have careers, both are involved in...

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