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Protect Your Assets with an LLC

If you are about to start a business, an LLC can offer a unique combination of attractive benefits, providing the limited liability of a corporation combined with the tax breaks and operational...

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The Advantages of Intra-Family Lending

With the anticipated transfer of the most significant wealth from one generation to the next in the coming years, and many families finding their children and/or grandchildren or other family members...

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April 1 Deadline for Certain Retirement Plan Distributions

Tuesday April 1 is the deadline for most taxpayers who turned 70 ½ during 2013 to begin receiving required minimum distributions (RMDs) from many qualified retirement accounts. This deadline...

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Planning for Disabled Child: A Special Needs Trust

For families caring for a child with a disability, a special needs trust is a vital planning tool that allows money to be given to a special-needs family member while also maintaining their...

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Should Your Company Consider Regulation A+?

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently released long-awaited rules and forms related to the offer and sale of securities as mandated by Title IV of the JOBS Act, a move that could...

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What Are Grandparents’ Rights to Custody in Pennsylvania?

When it comes to maintaining access to grandchildren in the midst of their parents’ divorce and beyond, grandparents in Pennsylvania have rights, for several types or categories of...

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Two Custodial Parents Living In Separate Residences Within Same School District? School District Must Provide Transportation Between Both Parents’ Homes And School

On January 7, 2014, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania issued a decision in Watts v. Manheim Township School District

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What You Should Know about Wage and Hour Audits

What Are Wage Hour Audits? A wage and hour audit can hit a business at any time and without prior notice. Though wage-hour audits are typically the...

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Court Rules Portions of Fracking Law Unconstitutional

Recently, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court handed down a decision that could change the face of environmental and municipal law, especially zoning, in the Commonwealth. In Robinson v....

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New Pennsylvania Child Abuse Laws Take Effect

Just two weeks ago, Governor Corbett signed into law a bill that toughens the penalties for child abuse and failing to report it – a long-awaited measure that has been in the works since the abuses...

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