The Pope Is Coming!

The Pope Is Coming!
This almost sounds like something a modern-day Chicken Little would say rather than “The Sky is Falling!”

popeKnowing in advance that something big will happen enables us to plan appropriately. Whether the people of Philadelphia (and the surrounding area) are planning  to skip town when the Pope arrives or are buying comfortable walking shoes and train tickets, a plan is being made.

A plan should also be in place for major life events: buying a house, having children, paying taxes, growing older. A smart choice begins with knowledge.

Become informed. Consult with those who are equipped to help you make an educated decision – whether it be a realtor, doctor, tax consultant or attorney.  A realtor will direct a prospective be preparedhomeowner in terms of what type of house and neighborhood.  A doctor will guide you in proper care for your children. A tax consultant will provide financial advice for living life today and preparing for the future. An attorney will offer advice on preparing for the preservation and distribution of your estate.

Be prepared. Make a plan.

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