New High Income Child Support Guidelines Passed in PA

A new formula for deciding child support for high-income parents has taken effect in Pennsylvania.

In the past, high-income cases were decided based on the “reasonable needs” of the children – often referred to as the Melzer analysis – a process that typically included a portion of the household mortgage, utilities and other overhead items, as well as nonessentials such as vacations. The new formula simply applies to parents whose combined net, after-tax monthly income is more than $30,000, thus more closely resembling the way child support is calculated at other income levels – basing support almost entirely on income, not expenses.

Observers expect that the new formula will likely reduce child-support awards for high-income families, though the court may consider other factors in determining child support. Specifically, support amounts may be altered based on the following:

–          The unusual needs and unusual fixed obligations of the parties

–          Other support obligations of the parties

–          Additional household income

–          Ages of the children

–          The parties’ relative assets and liabilities

–          Medical expenses not covered by insurance

–          Standard of living of the parties and their children

For information on how the new child-support formula for high-income parents could affect your family, contact Timoney Knox, LLP.



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