Managing Your Facebook Account After Death

fb legacyRecently, Facebook announced a change in policy concerning member pages after death. In the past, Facebook froze a user’s account upon learning the user had passed. The social network now allows members to choose to have their accounts deleted after death or designate someone to act as a “Legacy Contact” and mange parts of their accounts posthumously. If one does not select a Legacy Contact under their Facebook setting but rather names a digital heir in a will, Facebook will designate that person.

A Legacy Contact will have the ability to pin posts to the top of the Facebook page, respond to friend requests, and update the profile picture. That designated person will not be able to post as the account owner or view private messages. The only caveat in choosing your Legacy Contact is that person must have a Facebook account. As a practical matter, consider selecting someone who is somewhat tech savvy. As with any decision involving your estate plan, remember to review your selected Legacy Contact every few years to ensure no changes need to be made. (February 27, 2015)


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